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Well, on June 22nd, I left Netherby, Ontario for the summer to go to the Burin Peninsula located in the south of Newfoundland. My car was packed with camping equipment, pots and pans, food, coffee, tea, clothes, art supplies, maps, gps, first aid, Cole, my Standard Poodle and his blankets, his food, his torn stuffed toys and pet carrier. The pet carrier was needed for the ferry. Not knowing how my dog would “enjoy” the trip, he did very, very well! He proved to be a great companion and traveller. First, we went to visit my Sister Susan and her husband, Brian and their new dog Daisy in Shrewsbury, Mass. Two days later, I headed for Maine and then over to New Brunswick and finally to North Syd-ney, Nova Scotia, camping along the way. We were rained out most nights but managed to stay dry once in the tent, mud and all. I waited in between rain clouds to operate my propane stove and made my much desired tea and in the morning much needed coffee. I know I could have looked for a coffee shop and easily buy breakfast or any meal for that matter. But, once settled in a camping site, I did not wish to move anywhere else. This gave me time to do a little mini reorganizing in the car and trunk. I might have left with every-thing in place, but as soon as I took out the tent, the propane stove and searched for some food for dinner and organized Cole’s dinner, the trunk didn’t look anything like what I started out with. To tell you the truth, I froze during most nights because I left my cozy sleeping bag at home because it could not fit into the car. More on the sleeping bag later. When we got to the port in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, we waited in line to set sail for Argentia.  Find out more about my trip in the upcoming Autumn Newsletter.  Download a copy from the widget at the bottom of the right hand sidebar or read it online at Autumn 2014 Newsletter

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